Delivery periods and dispatch costs

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We work with our professional logistics partners UPS and DPD to ensure safe transport of your goods. Your order is delivered to your door by express service – reliably and on schedule.

Your goods are packed carefully and safely in our modern dispatch centre. Our packaging experts use polystyrene boxes, sufficient dry ice for reliable cooling and an extremely strong outer cardboard box.

Maintaining the cold chain

We guarantee a continuous functioning cold chain, if the order quantity of the respective goods optimally matches our packaging units. The more full the boxes are the easier it is to achieve the required cooling.

For boxes up to 3 kg, a continuous cold chain is assured with a goods weight of 2 kg or higher, for boxes up to 5 kg with a goods weight of 4 kg or higher and in boxes up to 15 kg with goods weight 10 kg or higher.

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Dispatch times within Germany

To ensure that you receive the products you have chosen as quickly as possible after purchasing your steak, we only send by UPS. You can choose between two types of dispatch: Delivery by UPS Express or delivery by UPS Express with Saturday delivery.

Delivery by UPS Express
If you have chosen delivery by UPS Express, we send your order from Monday to Thursday. If we receive payment by 11.00, it is sent on the same day, otherwise on the following day.

Delivery by UPS Express with Saturday delivery
If you have selected UPS Express with Saturday delivery, we send all goods for which we have received payment by 10.00 on Friday on precisely this day, so that you receive the delivery punctually on Saturday. If payments are received later the delivery is sent of the respective following Saturday.

Please note: The dispatch of your goods can be delayed by several days if Sundays, public holidays or our company holiday period lies between the order and delivery.

Dispatch costs within Germany

The dispatch costs depend on the weight of the ordered goods and the required type of dispatch. You can choose between UPS Express and UPS Express with Saturday delivery.

From an order weight of 45 kg, we pay the full dispatch costs for you, regardless of the chosen type of dispatch.

UPS Express  
0 kg to 15 kg 11,50 €*
15 kg to 30 kg 23,00 €*
30 kg to 45 kg 34,50 €*
from 45 kg or
100,00 € Value of goods
0,00 €*
UPS Express with Saturday delivery  
0 kg bis 15 kg 26,50 €*
15 kg bis 30 kg 53,00 €*
30 kg bis 45 kg 79,50 €*
from 45 kg or
100,00 € Value of goods
0,00 €*
Delivery periods and dispatch costs

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