Why should they buy from us?

Origin of our meat

All our beef cattle comes from QA certified farms that we know in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Brandenburg and Lower Saxony.

Healthy pasturing and species-appropriate animal feeding, and extremely short transport routes are guarantees for the premium quality and freshness of our meat.

Top quality from our own slaughter!
Diversity and quality – directly from our region

  • Variety and quality

    Variety and quality

    For us, guaranteed quality begins with the livestock husbandry. We therefore choose our breeders with the greatest possible care. All our cattle come from QA certified farms that we know.


  • The dry aging method

    The dry aging method

    The dry aging method is a method for maturing meat, which is stored for up to 6 weeks in special chambers. The meat loses volume and weight, but gains a more intensive flavour and taste.


  • Shelf life of our products

    Shelf life of our products

    Depending on the order, we cut your meat individually and send if fresh or shock-frozen. This means that all the valuable constituents are retained and you can enjoy the full taste.


Only the best for you and your friends!